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The Evolution of ‘as-a-Service’

The proliferation of cloud computing, throughout the enterprise landscape, has accelerated the growth of a new generation of businesses and business models. A new way of consuming enterprise software, ‘as a Service’ (aaS), has evolved, allowing the consumption of the entire technology stack from infrastructure through to the application, on a per usage basis. Whilst the concept of shared access to centralized computing resources is not a new one, having existed since the 1960’s, cloud computing has democratized this kind of technology and allowed this new wave of technology companies to drive innovation.

The financial sector has had cloud available for years, so why haven’t they done more with it?

The past decade has seen much talk of ‘the cloud’. Across all industries, we’ve seen articles, webinars, and entire events dedicated to explaining and promoting the value cloud computing can bring to the world of commerce.


Capital Markets and Cloud – change is inevitable

Capital Markets firms have led the way in technological innovation for decades. They’ve always been on the very edge of what’s new in technology, constantly driving towards greater efficiencies, but recently they’ve found themselves falling behind the curve due to increasing regulatory demands…

Accelerating cloud adoption: why now and how to do it right

In our first article, we took a look at how the financial services sector has had the cloud available to it for years yet has done very little with it. We wrote about how a lack of strategic partnerships and planning left most financial institutions in a position…

Simplifying and accelerating access to digital assets marketplace

The digital transformation of the financial services industry has been gaining momentum over the last decade, but as the era of Banking and Finance 4.X evolves, there is a growing demand to access a full spectrum of hybrid and digital services. And a MultiHub model could be the way forward.

The numbers and the story behind Murex’s successful cloud transformation journey.


Take a look at our thoughts and predictions on 2020 being a turning point for financial services.


It’s time for the financial industry to step into the future. Arun Sharma’s latest blog discusses the importance of core modernization and DXC Luxoft’s approach.

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